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sofa repairing services

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‘Upholstery is a specialist craft’

A beautiful sofa reupholstered in a fresh and modern fabric can be the statement piece that transforms an interior. Restoring furniture worth the expense and if you choose the right upholsterer. As a good practice an upholsterer takes a seven-year apprenticeship.  People build attachment to a piece of furniture after a few years.

How do you pick the right person for the job?

When choosing an upholsterer look at your brief. It is highly unlikely the someone want to get it cheaply done, if that is something of emotional value that you would like to cherish and preserve?

Frequent renovation of your home is not an elitist idea or something that requires lots of money. Your personality changes in subtle way each day. There will be ways to alter and tweak things to aid happiness and contentment. With very experienced craftsmen and ‘ReFurno’ can be your best Re-upholstery partner.

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